P ARP virtual ip records not replicating from CARP Master

  • Just setting up CARP on the network. I notice that everything appears to be fine exept we have 9 public virtual IPs on our WAN interface (P ARP), these do not appear to be copying across to the backup box. Anyboday know why?



  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    You can't sync proxy ARP VIPs between CARP nodes, it would cause an IP conflict.

    If the IPs are in the same subnet as WAN, use CARP VIPs. If they are in a different subnet, have your ISP route the other subnet to your WAN CARP VIP and use the 'other' VIP type.

    On 2.0 you could also add an IP alias inside the second subnet on both boxes and then setup CARP VIPs for the remaining IPs.