Why no lan card in pfSense on iMac by Virtual Machine

  • Hello guys,

    I'm trying to install the pfsense on my iMac.
    But the lan card cannot be configured like VLan .. All the process has been done in the Oracle VM Virtual Machine Manager.
    Anybody can help me in this issue?  ???


    Estou tentando instalar o pfSense no meu iMac.
    O problema e que nao consigo configurar a rede porque durante a instalacao o pfsense não aceita minha placa de rede apesar de enxerga-la
    Alguem pode me ajudar?  ???


    1st Card - NAT

    2nd Card - Bridge

  • Your title says "no lan card" but what looks to be the pfSense startup clearly shows two LAN cards: em0 and em1.

    You need to let the startup continue, select option 1) Assign Interfaces to specify which will be your LAN and WAN interfaces, then option 2) Set interface(s) IP address to set an IP address on the LAN interface. Then restart and you should be able to connect to the pfSense web GUI and configure VLAN interfaces.

    I suggest you leave the LAN interface without VLANs because if you add VLANs to the LAN interface then you will lose connectivity to the GUI when you switch LAN from emx to the VLAN interface and if you made a mistake you will probably have to restart the pfSense system and reconfigure from the console.