Will this work?

  • Ok since PFsense doesn't do Access control by time can I do this?

    DSL–-PFsense---switch----Linksys router----kid's pc
                                      |------other pc's

    What I want to do is let PFsense do it's thing and have a Linksys router off of the switch connected to a certain pc and let the Linky kill his access at a prescribed time since the Linky can do this.

    If this is possible how do I setup the routers?

  • do a hd install of the last snapshot of pfsense
    then install the freeradius package
    replace freeradius.xml and freeradius.inc on location /usr/local/pkg
    with the same to file from this link

    go to the freeradius setup
    and setup freeradius on the lan port
    now setup a freeradius client with the ipadress of the lan port
    remember the shared secret this is needed on the captive portal

    now setup youre kid as a user with the online time function of freeradius

    now go to the pfsense captive portal setup
    set the portal to the lan port
    set Idle timeout to 6 min
    Hard timeout blank
    Authentication to RADIUS authentication
    Primary RADIUS server IP address to the ip of youre lan
    Shared secret  to the secret you put in with freeradius
    send RADIUS accounting packets eneable this
    Reauthenticate connected users every minute eneable this
    Accounting updates
    interim update  enable this
    save it and you have a time controled user

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