IPSec with dynamic endpoints

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    I have seen this topic covered in a few other threads in this forum saying that the dynamic pfsense to a dynamic endpoint is unsupported as in http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,1940.0.html

    I have dyndns running on each endpoint (a Zywall 2 and a pfSense box), so each has a host name. I can get a VPN to build between the Zywall 2 and pfSense if I have pfSense setup to connect to the remote gateway IP address. The "my identifier" in the pfSense VPN is set to domain name and has the dyndns name there.

    The Zywall has the local identifier set to it's IP address because that's what the pfSense box has for configuration. The remote identifier is set to the dyndns domain name of the pfsense box.

    The feature I'd like is to make remote gateway in pfSense be a domain name instead of an ip address.

    Is this a racoon limitation, or is it a feature that could be added to pfSense I could post a bounty for to get developed?


  • IPSEC issue.  Research aggressive mode + dynamic dns domain names.

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