DNS forwarder doesn't work after upgraded to Jan 20 snapshot

  • I've set a domain on DNS forwarder to a VPN linked DNS server.  After the upgrade (Jan 20), I cannot resolve the domain anymore.  The VPN link is working though.  It seems other functions are working too.

    I need to manually revered back to earlier snapshot (Jan 1).  But it said the config file is for newer version.  I restored my backup and it's working as expected.  I assume Jan 20 has a newer config file structure that make my DNS forwarder not working.


  • I found the problem.  It's the route/gateway of VPN didn't work.

    As pfsense cannot accessing the server in the other side of the VPN, I need to create a gateway with the same IP as the LAN interface on LAN interface.  And than set a route to the subnet of other side of the VPN via this gateway.

    In the new snapshots, the gateway/routing is missing.  That's why I cannot resolve the domain which is queried by the server in the other side of the VPN.