• Created a pfsense OpenVPN Server connection which functions properly (able to connect)  however the remote users are unable to browse the local servers or local shares from the local servers.  The local servers are Windows 2008 R2 and the remote clients are Windows 7 & XP

    The settings we activated on the pfsense server include the "Inter-client communication" (which we cannot get to work) and the "Netbios and WINS server settings.  We also push the local route to the clients.  From what I understood these are the only settings required.  (We did all of this via the built-in Wizard which is great!)  We reviewd the setting afterward and everything seems good.

    I was under the impression that version 2.0 of  pfsense did automatic bridging.  Am I wrong in that assumption or what are the settings that need to be activated to make the bridge function?

    Thanks in advance