• When downloading a KNOWN OLD trojan (netbus) it passes right through the firewall and gets picked up by my computer's antivirus.

  • I know nothing about this package other than on my 2.0 nanobsd box the Status is listed as:

    platform: 1.2.2


  • Depends much on HOW you configured your havp. At the moment its not enough info to say what happens at your installation.
    Whats the logs showing? Is havp started? Do you use it in conjunction with squid, eventually squidguard? Transparent mode, parent or child of other package? And at last, yes, there are known issues with havp, but all depends on your installation. This is one reason of havp not listed as package for 2.0!

  • What additional information would you need from me in order to determine if its a 2.0 issue which ill submit, or a config issue?

    I can screenshot my settings page.

    1. havp is started, and
    2. squid is installed,
    3. havp is set to transparent mode.