• Can anyone confirm a few points for me if these are features in PFv2.

    1. Multiple SSID on a single radio
    2. Can put different firewall rules on each SSID
    3. I can bridge 1 SSID to WAN for 100% no filter

    Application of use is to setup wireless access point with Guest SSIDs and staff ones but staff will need DHCP pass through etc were guests I want separate.

    1. If you card supports that feature then it works. I have it running here with an Atheros based card.
    2. Sure
    3. Should work as well, but I wouldn't recommend it. Would still do a NAT and just allow any
  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    I agree on #3… Just because you can bridge doesn't mean you should. It's ugly and mostly unnecessary.

    If you don't want NAT to the rest of your internal network, you could set it up as a routed subnet without NAT as long as the router "ahead" of it knows to send traffic for that subnet back to the router acting as the AP.

  • Issue is I still don't have OSPF setup and it is a very large network so I am more thinking less route to make. I still haven't got the hang how to setup OSPF

  • Well, you didn't actually mention OSPF before. Perhaps you should be more specific on what your setup looks like and what you want to achieve…