• Every distribution has its own ways of doing things and every new product is always a challenge until you figure it out.
    I am on a VM with version 1.2.3-RELEASE.

    So I am new to pfSense having used the full array of fw's out there (Pix, sonicwall, watchguard, untangle etc).
    I have a basic NAT question as a pfs newbie so thanks for your patience.  I did a quick search and nothing made sense.

    Here is what I want to do:  Port forwards/NAT for remote access to internal Citrix servers.

    1.  I set up aliases on the WAN interface with my external IP's  (64.73.277.x)
    2.  Set up NAT rule as follows:

    Interface:  wan
    External Address:  Interface Address (since I set up aliases on the WAN interface?)
    External port: 1494
    NAT IP:  192.168.1.x
    Local Port:  1494

    did I do this correctly?  Do I need to create Virtual IP's for the NAT rules or will the WAN interface aliases suffice?

    EDIT:  guess I did correctly because everything is working good.  And it the internet does seem faster.