• I've been having an issue for the last month that prevents the Steam client from connecting.  It works fine if I connect directly to the internet from the PC (PPPoE connection) and usually works if there is no other traffic going through pfsense.  I'm running 1.2.3 connecting via PPPoE and not really running anything special but I do have traffic shaping enabled.  The IP for the PC running Steam is in a higher priority queue than anything else running at the time of testing.  I have attached a spreadsheet from 2 WAN packet captures on pfSense showing the TCP stream for the Steam client attempting to connect.  I ran packet captures on the LAN interface as well as the PC simultaneously but they all show the same thing.  When it was working the Steam PC was the only thing connected to the LAN (besides pfSense of course) with no apps running.  The traffic running when I wasn't able to connect includes Pidgin (MSN/Yahoo/AIM), IRC, uTorrent, Vonage, and probably some web.  As you can see in the capture I just never receive the third ACK from the server.  What is going on here?  The only thing I can think of is the traffic shaping with all the added traffic but the queues page shows 0 drops on all queues.

    Here are the capture files for those streams:
    not working