• I'm working on a testing platform for some research and I'm using pFsense as a router, which is working great. I've configured load balancing for incomming connections and it's working great (mysql). That being said I now have the requirement to access the load balanced nodes from the same network.


    Now it says there is somewhere you can add the rules, can anyone shine some light more specifically on what I'd need to do.

    Now right now everything is virtualized and the reality is I could put the db nodes on another network from the machines that need to access the LB virtual IP, athough this doesn't seem logical. I'd much rather set the IP to Load Balance to an internal address and roll with it. Worse case I can setup another PFsense instance and trick it, but that seems like wasted CPU time.

  • To add more to the description currently:

    1. There isa VIP (Carp/LAN) setup
    2. Load balancer is configured on LAN
    3. Everything IS WORKING from my workstation that's vpn'ed in. IE. I can connect to the LB system at from my vpn'ed machine

    Now I just have to be able to connect to the LB IP from a machine located at say