Traffic Shaping - Queues play "catch up" causing lag

  • I have a simple traffic shaping setup that gives priority to a computer on my network that I play games on.

    I have the queue set with a higher priority than the other queues, with the exception of qwanacks and qlanacks, which are set to 7.  My gaming queue is set to 6.

    The majority of the time this causes no problems, however, when another machine on the network uses a lot of bandwidth (uploads a file, maxes the download speed), I will experience several seconds of lag as the traffic shaper notices what is happening and smooths everything out.  This will sometimes cause me to get disconnected from whatever game I'm playing.

    Any ideas on what I need to do to prevent this from happening?

  • Nobody can help me with this issue?

  • Maybe you want to change to PRIQ and put your game (and VoIP maybe?) in highest priority together with the ACKs?