PPTP VPN through pfSense fails

  • I have been using pfSense successfully for several months.  I am running the latest 2.0Beta5.

    I have two routers on the same DMZ that have subnets 10.x.x.x/16 (10.1.x.x and 10.5.x.x).

    I have been successful at using a PC on each subnet using Windows VPN (PPTP) to a corporate destination and using MS Outlook over it.

    Last week I created an IPSEC tunnel between the two routers which is working fine.

    However, now my PCs PPTP connection is having problems.  The PPTP connection doesn't drop, but it loses the route (pings fail as well to the Exchange host).  Almost like a pinhole problem.  If I fire of a continuous ping to the exchange server and leave it running in the background I never lose the path to the server.  If I don't I seem to lose the exchange connection and ability to ping after 30-60 seconds.

    Route Print looks the same before and after.

    Any ideas, or should I be posting this to a different forum?



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    I moved this to the 2.0 board, all 2.0 issues go there right now.

    That is a known issue with PPTP fixed in newer snapshots. The PPTP proxy should be much more behaved now.

  • I'm still having the vpn timeout issue on 2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Mon Feb 7 12:29:34 EST 2011

  • Upgrade!

  • Hi I have a similar problem, except that I don't loose the routes, It just disconects itself.
    I'm Running 2.0 RC3
    Any Ideas of what might it be ?