PfSense no Traffic Shaping speed issues

  • I just started using pfSense this week, and am having a heck of a time troubleshooting a few issues.

    First is trying to figure out why my nntp speeds are slow. It only seems to be affected by pfSense, if I use a WRT54GS, D-Link DGl-4100 or Cisco ISR2821, I have 0 issues with nntp speed.

    If I do a "speed test" on any number of sites, it shows my proper speeds.

    Second, seems that my latency to Xbox Live seems higher than normal, but not really sure how to really tell. It just feels that any game I play after switching to pfSense I feel behind everyone else, but have no way to confirm or deny this.

    If any one has any pointers I would really appreciate it.

    I have tried Traffic Shaping, but it seems to make it worse, and not better.

    Verizon Fios 25/25
    2.4ghz P4
    Asus Motherboard
    1gb ram
    32gb SSD
    2x Netgear GA311

    This was just old hardware I had laying around, I plan on upgrading to a more dedicated box in the future; as long as the software meets my needs.

  • What version (number) of pfSense are you using?

  • I started on 1.2.3, noticed it cleared all my settings and just installed 2.0-b5

  • Ok, I think I found part of the problem, but not sure how to fix it?

    for nntp I use SSL, port 563; in using that port pfSense limits my speed to 7Mbit max.

    This is with Traffic Shaper on or off.

    The latency issue seems to be gone since updating to 2.0-b5