• Hello!
    In our house community we like to install a new firewall because someone had download illegal content (torrent) and now
    we have to pay a lot money to the movie industry.
    For the future - this is clear - we dont want to pay it again. So we signed an agreement. When we get another letter from the film, musik or whatever industry
    we use our connection log to find out who is guilty.
    Is there a good way to create a 60 day log with this scheme?

    Date-Time -    Mac    -    Source IP  -    Destination IP

    We dont like to use a proxy, because we have Voip Phones and other proxy unfriendly software.

    Thanks for your help.

  • Problem is P2P uses a LOT of connections, and pfSense only sees IPs, unless you do some Layer7 inspection. So you wouldn't know if they were downloading linux distro's, WoW patches or movies or whatever uses BT these days.

    But yeah, you can log all the connections. Just enable logging on the outgoing pass rules, and send it to a syslog server. You can do whatever you want with the logs from there. It is going to be a LOT of information though…