• Hi,

    At the moment, I got 1 WAN (pppoe) and 1 LAN ( setup. On my LAN subnet there are computers on two  separate sites connected by wireless bridge ( farend and nearend) connected to my pfsense (

    Physically my pfsense is connected with pppoe modem and LAN cable. (The wireless bridge connected direct to my LAN switch).

    Now I considering to plug the wireless bridge direct to my pfsense as well, which shall leads me in having 3 nic, 1 WAN (pppoe), 1 LAN (local) and 1 LAN (wireless bridge). The reason is for me to manage certain ports to be open and close between the microwave bridge link.

    My problem is that, I had tried to setup a new interface as having gateway From pfsense I am able to ping both and, but I can't ping any of my LAN IP and my WAN link will be disabled.

    I am thinking if I could bridge my and, but I don't know how to do it.

    Please give me suggestion, if there are better way to do this :(

    Thank you

  • I do this very thing at my office.

    Your LANs are on the same subnet.

    Im using for my primary LAN and for my Public LAN as an example.

    I also believe you could bridge your LANs but I have not played with that and would just be guessing…

  • In your case you are using two subnet, while mine is single subnet.

  • If you want one subnet, you could bridge your two LAN ethernets and assign the LAN IP to the bridge. (like chpalmer said)

    But if you want to control what goes through, maybe a different subnet is a better idea.

  • Okay, got it just assign a bridge  ;)