• Hello,

    we are currently taking a look at the upcoming 2.0 version, which looks VERY promising.
    Regarding PPPOE, is it possible / planned to be used with the lagg feature (f.e failover).

    We didnt find the lagg selection in the ppp dropdown menu.
    So we modified the config file and entered "laggx" manually, and it worked.
    Call it a hack if you want to ;-)

    Our questions is will in later versions laggx be available as dropdown menu for pppoe connections ?

  • Can you post your config.xml please? Remove passwords . . .


  • Do you need the whole config or is the ppp section enough ?

  • Whole thing is better, or just <ppps>and <interfaces>and <bridges>:)


  • I will e-mail it to your gmail account.

  • You can assign the lagg interface and it would be availble in the list iirc.

  • Hello Ermal,

    thats what I thought first too. The "laggx" interfaces are not shown in the drop down list of the ppp.
    I use latest snapshot.

  • Ermal is correct.

    First, you have to create a new OPT2 interface and assign it the lagg0 port.

    Then, you can select OPT2 from PPP interface config screen (drop down).


  • Hello gnbh,

    Thank you for the reply.
    After I e-mailed you we did create opt2.
    Now we have "lan", "wan", "opt", "opt2".

    "wan" and "opt2" interfaces are wan connections.
    We can assign laggx f.e for the "Interface assignements".
    But we can not assign laggx for ppp.

    Can each Interface only be assigned once, or can we assign several networks for same interface ?

  • No, you cannot assign laggx for PPP, but you can assign OPT3 for PPP.

    Get it?

  • The goal is to combine ppp over a lagg interface.

    How would we do that ?

    Below is the current assignment

    fxp0, fxp2 - WAN - lagg0 + ppp
    fxp1, fxp3 - DMZ (opt1) - lagg1

    em0 - LAN

  • Follow these steps:
    1- Create the first lagg0(fxp0, fxp2)
    2- Create the second lagg1(fxp1, fxp3)
    3- Go to Interfaces->(assign)
    4- Assign lagg0 as OPTx
    5- Go to interfaces->(assign)->ppp
    6- Create the ppps and choose the interface OPTx
    7- Than you can use the setup as you intend too.