• Unfortunately I am running pfsense 2.0 B5 on an older machine that doesn't agree with ACPI. There are no newer BIOS updates available.. yes I have searched high and low. pfSense 2 runs great as long as I disable acpi in the device.hints.. so I am able to reboot the box remotely and not have it hang at reboot. Unfortunately every time I update to the latest build the device.hints is overwritten and I am not able to restart the box after the update remotely because the system will hang needing a physical reset. Is there a way to correct this or maybe it can be corrected in subsequent builds? Thanks

  • Rebel Alliance Developer Netgate

    Unfortunately there isn't an easy way to preserve that just yet. There isn't a "device.hints.local" either that would stay (like loader.conf.local does).

    It's also kind of a pain but you could do this before each update:

    touch /tmp/no_upgrade_reboot_required

    And then the upgrade will not reboot. You can then make your edits to device.hints after the upgrade finishes and then do a manual reboot.