Alix 2d13, pfsense and freeswitch

  • I posted this back in the packages forum but realized it probably is better suited for hardware….

    The last post regarding freeswitch on Alix I found was dated a year ago.

    I've got an Alix 2d13 with a PATA hard drive connected so figure that drive wearout due to read/write isn't an issue.

    I'm thinking about replacing two accounts from Vonage using are currently on a couple of Linksys PAP2 and a dd-wrt NAT router with this PFsense/Freeswitch/Alix box.

    For those that have gotten Freeswitch on an embedded pfsense box, I'm wondering how well this combination works.  Is there enough RAM and processor for it to work with 3 SIP lines spread between 6 IP phones and a fax machine.  Or should I be looking to do this with bigger hardware?

    Thanks in advance

  • Tried this a while ago (2 lines, 3 phones).

    Should work, as long as you don't do any traffic shaping (above say, 10Mbit) or 50Mbit+ routing through your ALIX.