Multiple gateways on same subnet

  • Hi,

    I have 2 PfSense boxes on the same network / subnet ( serving as 2 different gateways. lets call them G1 and G2.
    G1 and G2 both have their own DSL lines and connect to different adsl accounts.
    Now some of the workstations on my network use G1 and others use G2.

    I setup IPsec on G2 connecting to my remote offices which are also running PfSense boxes.

    Everything seems 100% as i added the related routes on G2 and the remote PfSense to be able to ping ips on the
    remote network and visa versa.

    My question now is : from the remote office ( PfSense i can only ping the workstations on the main network ( that use
    G2 as their gateway, not the ones using G1 as their gateway. is there any way to put a route in so they can ping the workstations
    using G1 as their gateway ?

    i hope this made sense….


  • If the workstation with G1 as a gateway needs to send anything to something else than the subnet directly connected, it will send it to it's default gateway (if no static routes are there on the workstation). So you should add a static route from G1 to G2 for the network, otherwise the packet will stop at G1.

  • Thanks a mil SeventhSon, sorted my problem :) cant believe i missed it :P