• Trying to change the LAN IP address to with DHCP range of  Everything works with the default address, but as soon as I change it to the address, I'm not able to connect to anything outside the LAN.

    Any ideas on how to fix this would be appreciated.

  • Errrr… is link-local? You shouldn't use that.

  • As SeventhSon said - don't do that.

    Stick with the RFC-1918 IP ranges, using anything else will cause you problems unless you own the IP range in question (and know what you're doing).

  • Sigh, this is the only way I can use company VPN and have access to internal network at the same time also.

    Thanks for the replies.

  • So I just verified, and according to IT this is the only way I can VPN and have access to internal network.  Is there anyway I can get this to work on pfSense?

  • Are you sure? They're using all of 192.168.x.y/16, 172.16.x.y/16 to 172.31.x.y/16 and 10.x.y.z/8? There's more to the RFC-1918 ranges than just 192.168.x.y/16 after all.

    The whole point of the range is that there is no DHCP allocation.

  • I doubt if they are using all of it, unfortunately this is how they have it setup. I used to have this setup with my old not so smart router and worked fine. In 192.168.x.x everything works fine, including the VPN, except am not able to access any thing on the LAN while logged in. I just really don't want to go back to the old setup, the hardware is a lot slower.

    There is no way to convince pfSense to go along with the 169.254.x.x setup?

  • So if you change your LAN to 10.something (or anything they don't use), it should be fine!

  • Switching to 10.x.x.x would get things working fine in the house (same as 192.168.x.x), allows VPN to work fine also.  But once I log into the VPN which uses 169.254.x.x I am not able to connect to anything else inside the house.

    If I switch the router to this would be resolved (as it was with the netgear router), except I haven't been able to get pfSense to work in this configuration.  I know this is not ideal, but I can't change the way the VPN is configured, so I have to play along with their rules.  >:(

    Does anyone know what is preventing 169.254 subnet from working?


  • Your work is using 169.254.x.x for the VPN - sheesh! The VPN is presumably a bridge then?

  • http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Link-local_address
    A link-local address is an Internet Protocol address that is intended only for communications within the segment of a local network (a link) or a point-to-point connection that a host is connected to. Link-local addresses allow addressing hosts without using a globally-routable address prefix that must be obtained from a local or regional Internet registry. Routers do not forward packets with link-local addresses.

    So if your old router forwarded packet from that, it did so in error. You shouldn't forward link-local adresses, because they are for use on a single network segment only.

    Anyway, it's probably blocked because it's (rightfully) in the bogons table:

    You could disable bogon checking for the interface or remove the entry "" in there.

    Edit: Sheesh indeed

  • Thanks for all the information.  I ended up using a second network card for my home network.  So far it's working, and I can keep the home network on 192.168.x.x, and leave them to deal with their network :)

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    Whoever had the bright idea to use link-local addressing for anything should be fired (and fired at).

  • @jimp:

    Whoever had the bright idea to use link-local addressing for anything should be fired (and fired at).

    +1 with the possibility of torture…as its torture.