1.2.3, Alix 2d13, 2.5" IDE HDD and PXE boot

  • I've gotten as far as setting everything up to net boot using the files extracted from the LiveCD ISO.

    The BIOS settings are CHS and Wait for the hard drive.

    But my bootup sequence seems to hang at "Starting the BTX Loader" with a blinking cursor on the next line.

    From a laptop, I'm able to boot so I'm thinking it's something in the alix box.

  • Figured it out.

    loader.conf in my tftp folder needed an addition.


    Speed set to whatever you set the console to…

  • The next point of stoppage.

    This applies to both my laptop and the alix.

    Trying to mount nfs root.
    nfs root: /usr/local/pfsense
    (bfe0 or vr0): link changed to state up

    Then it just sits.

    Help please…..