Latest pfSense 2.0 Beta cannot Recognize Atheros AR8151 Lan Card

  • I've been testing pfSense 2.0 Beta for several G31 & G41 motherboards trying to find the right one for me.  Lately I worked on a Gigabyte mATX G41 (GA-G41MT-S2) motherboard and two Realtek PCIe Lan cards.  The Realtek cards can be recognized without any problem but the built-in Lan card (Atheros AR8151) cannot be recognized no matter how I twist the BIOS settings.

    I looked up the web for freeBSD Lan card support and it seems it's there.  Is there anything I can do or any setting I can twist to make it work?



  • That specific Attansic chip isn't supported in the included drivers in FreeBSD 8.1R.  You will need to get hold of the current ALC(4) module and insert (and load) it manually in pfsense 2.0.

  • Thank you for your response.

    I looked up the FreeBSD 8.1R hardware support notes again and it's really not there yet!  Do you know if this chip will be added in future release?

    Reagarding manually amending pfSense 2.0 could you point me to any documentation or instruction guidline for that!

  • I looked at the revision history for the alc driver in FreeBSD. Support for the AR8151 was added on 30th Aug 2010 in revision (and others). This would have been after release of FreeBSD 8.1 on which the current pfSense snapshots are based.

    In the past the pfSense developers have been good about adding support for new devices when the support is already in FreeBSD. Perhaps they will also oblige in this case.

  • Thanks Wallabybob.  That 2010 Aug 30th revision history is what I found out when I first hit the problem and that the AR8151 is listed there.  But the FreeBSD 8.1R hardware notes dreamslacker referred to really did not include that chip either.

    I have tested almost all pfSense 2.0 Beta released last week during my testing and diagnosis and none of them could recognise the chip.

    Could any pfSense developer confirm the exact FreeBSD version used for the latest build and how often you guys update/keep up with new freeBSD system library release?

    Thanks all again for your info.

  • Please could anyone tell me where and how I could get the underlying BSD version for the pfSense in use? ???

  • @292957:

    Please could anyone tell me where and how I could get the underlying BSD version for the pfSense in use? ???

    The shell command # uname -a is one way. Here's the response I get on my system:

    uname -a

    FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p2 FreeBSD 8.1-RELEASE-p2 #1: Thu Feb 24 17:09:17 EST 2011  i386

    indicating the build time and base FreeBSD system.

  • Hello everyone. I want to download files pfSense-2.0-BETA5-i386-20110221-1849.iso.gz but snapshots server DOWN.

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  • I just retested the same setup with today's RC1 build and pfSense still cannot recognize the AR8151 Lan card.

    Could anyone point me to any tutorial in how to add/twist Lan card suppport to pfSense?  I really want to get it to work!


  • Get the current version of FreeBSD, load it onto a machine/ VM then try to extract the .ko module and copy to pfSense?

    Alternatively, you'll need to extract the files, load FreeBSD 8.1R onto the VM and compile then extract the .ko module onto a thumbdrive and copy into pfSense.


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