• I know this book won't be out for a while.  That's not my issue.  I had recently re-purchased the definitive guide for a second time.  I kinda destroyed the first one from carrying it everywhere (spilling a couple of beers/sodas/etc on it  ;) ::))
    My main concern though is will there ever be an electronic copy combined or individually able to be purchased with the new one for 2.0? I know there's already a solution for the original book, but the cost is kinda crazy for the two (€ 60.00 = 82.15200 U.S. dollars).  Is there a way to purchase the book in PDF besides the applianceshop.eu that I am not aware of?

  • A digital copy of the pfSense book is available for free to all new pfSense commercial support subscribers.  So technically, you spend more to get it, but then you also get a heaping side of support from the guys who actually wrote pfSense.

  • Not at this time, maybe not until the next full edition (which will probably be 2.1 not 2.0).

  • Thanks for the response.  Can't wait till the new one comes out!