USB Ethernet Adapter Disconnecting Time to Time

  • I installed 2.0-BETA5 (i386) built on Mon Jan 24 05:54:19 EST 2011, on a Dell Hybrid with one built in Ethernet port(re0) and one USB Ethernet adapter Trendnet TU2-ET100(ue0). System installs perfectly, all ports are recognized and configuration works like a charm. System works fine for a few hours, however randomly during the day, it loses the USB device. Either making the USB adapter WAN or LAN (ue0), the system loses communication with the USB adapter after a while. I tried other models and brands of USB Ethernet adapter and no luck. The disconnection happens a few hours, after some time of perfect operation.
    If someone has any advice, I would appreciate the help.

  • Don't use USB ethermnt adaptors.
    Your described behaviour is "normal" and to be expected (yes USB ethernet adaptors are really crappy).

    I use them if i want to test something easily (they are handy), but are not suited to run permanently in a firewall.

  • Thank you for your response.

    I actually found the problem. It seems that when I use the USB adapter as my WAN device, it works just fine. So the solution was using the built in Ethernet for LAN and the USB adapter for LAN. Also, in regards to the USB adapter comment, I have to humbly disagree. I have been using PFsense 1 and 2 in several locations with good quality USB adapter and they work fantastically. I use them in locations where I need to use computers with small cases. The Del Hybrids and the Zinos works like a charm. The secret is to use good quality USB adapters.

    I hope this helps other people having the same problem.

  • What kind of adaptors are you using?
    I've never seen any which didn't have one problem or another.