• I do not know if there is a way to do this already [as I did not see any], but I would like to know if there can be a "rule" in the drop down menu for adding static DHCP clients. This is of course without having to add each IP individually.

    There is something like this already to bypass the captive portal, but not to add to the firewall.

    This thread is where my question originates from.

    while keeping on topic in a way, is there a way to "auto" block DHCP addresses that are not statically assigned by the DHCP server? or conversly "auto" allow DHCP addresses that have been assigned?

    For example:
    LAN = DHCP Server statically assigns IP by MAC. All foreign MAC are assigned IP from the DHCP range and forced to go through the captive portal on the WAN.
    DMZ = servers/etc…

    I would like to have a rule on the source tab that allows all DHCP assigned IP's on the LAN side to pass through to the DMZ, everyone else (which would not be statically assigned an IP by MAC) would be denied to the DMZ.

    If this deserves a separate topic I can start one, but I figured it is in a way related to the OP.