FX5620 questions

  • Hi

    These are a few questions for anyone running PFsense on a FX5620 box.

    1. How much throughput (up/down) on the WAN are you getting?
    2. How easy was it to do a full install? (/how you did it)
    3. Would you reccomend it Yes/No?

    This is a quite a major investment so forgive me if I seem a bit pernickety.



    1. I haven't benched this unit yet but on my miniITX C3 Nehemia 1GHz platforms I get a netio throughput of around 90 mbit/s in factory default setup wan to lan. The fx5620 has the same CPU though different NICs.

    2. I only run it with the embedded version (and I like the fact that there is only one screw that you need to touch to get to the cf socket). However the easiest way to do a full install should be to grab a 3,5" to 2,5" ide adaptor and install the hdd on a standard pc. once it is installed just move it over to the fx5620, boot it up and assign interfaces.

    3. I like it. I have 2 in production use. One that is an ipsec concentrator for 12 remote locations. Atm 4 nics are configured (different security zones). It's also completely noiseless (at least when running from cf) so you even can place it on your workspace and don't have to hide it in a noisy serverroom.

  • Couldn't I use a master slave IDE cable and attach a CD drive then perform a full install off the CD?

  • The box only has 2.5" IDE connectors inside. You won't be able to connect a desktop CDROM to it and you also would need an external powersupply for the CDROM then.

  • i'll just install it on another PC first

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