• Hi i have a big trouble and don't know how to solve and it is very urgent.
    This is the situation of my network.

    There is a Pfsense installed ( and all computers use it as gateway to go out internet. Now i have to add a ISDN router in my network ( and i need all computers to go out with ISDN router instead PFSense when the need to reach ONLY some websites and domains and networks (192.168.11.x). In my network there is a domain with windows 2008 server. I can't change any ip address or put the router as wan of PFsense. What to do i have no idea.

    Thanks a lot and hope someone will tell me what to do very fast.

    Thanks again

  • Add another interface to pfSense and connect the ISDN router to it. Use pfSense to resolve your routing problems by static routes and the use of Squid for web browsing.