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  • Hi, Sorry I'm pretty new to pfsense so if I missed these questions in my searchs i'm sorry.

    I have comcast (cable) and speakeasy (dsl). I want all traffic (ports "not internal ips") that I don't specify to run through the cable and the specific ports I specify (for gaming, voip, irc, or specific websites) to run through the dsl. Here is all the info I currently have.

    Cable is DHCP, DSL is Static.
    I put the cable on the primary WAN and the DSL on the opt1 (WAN2). I'm not really sure what I need to do after this to get traffic to flow through the WAN2.
    I guess what I'm looking for is a tutorial on how to do this from start to finish. I'm pretty sure I already did some stuff wrong like bridging my lan to wan.
    The whole reason for this setup is that I live with 3 other people and when one myspace, torrents, or downloads us playing games lag like crazy. I'm open to ideas.

  • You just have to create pass firewalrules at interface LAN to match the traffic. At the bottom of the rule edit screen you'll find a gateway dropdown. Just set the desired gateway for the traffic that is described by the rule.

  • Thanks. I thought thats how I had to do it but it wasn't working because I bridged the LAN to WAN. After I removed that it went fine.

    Is there anyway to force WAN2 to be used when going to a specific website without entering the actually IP just the web address?

  • You have to build yourself an hostsalias for this. Do an nslookup of the specific sites and add the IPs that they resolve to to this alias. Then reference it with a firewallrule. This won't work for sites that change their IPs frequently though.

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