• Hi…

    So friends. I have an MPLS circuit with the following settings:
    1 LAN = Default Gateway (PFSense)
    2 LAN = Default Gateway (Router Embratel ISP Provider)
    3 = LAN Default Gateway (Embratel Router ISP Provider)

    in my old-Linux firewall (iptables) I just needed to add the routes
    route add-net netmask gw
    route add-net netmask gw

    MPLS Router = Embratel

    Thus using mstsc, vnc etc. ..

    Created in the pfsense of static routes are created equal in linux and GW GW

    Can not connect for some time because the connection is dropping frequently, need to create some rule, or similar?

    I created two rules


  • Double check static routes.

    Have you tried enabling System - advanced - Bypass firewall rules for traffic on the same interface? I had the same problem and that fixed it.