PfSense Causing High First Hop Ping to Gateway

  • I'm repeatedly seeing pings to the first router on my ISP's network averaging around 200ms.  This problem appeared a few days ago.  Right after pfsense boots, the pings will be normal, around 9ms.  After about a minute, the pings increase to 200ms and remain high throughout the day.  Pings to my pfsense router are <1ms.  I'm running a dual-WAN setup on 1.2.3-RELEASE, and the problem happens on connections going over both modems.

    When I plug my laptop directly into each cable modem, the ping to the first router on my ISP's network averages at 9ms.  Everything on the System Status page looks good, and I'm not seeing any collisions or errors on the Interfaces Status page.

    Could someone please tell me what could cause this problem, and what I should look for?

  • Don't flame me if I get this wrong.

    Look into interleaving it is a way for your isp to fix errors in the data stream for less packet loss but higher ping times.

    Also if the next hop on your traceroute isn't higher than your first then there is no real issue. If all your hops were +200ms then you would have a real issue.

  • I have two cable modems, interleaving and fastpath apply to DSL.

    When my modems are plugged into my pfsense box, most of my hops after the 1st are over 200ms.

  • A week after this problem appeared, it seems to be gone, at least for now.  Traceroutes reveal that the first hop ping is back down near the 9ms range.  I haven't changed any settings or stopped any services for a few days, so I'm not sure what caused this, or how long it will stay this way.