• Good day to all,

    I'm new to pfsense but my internet cafe demands the use od PFsense I think. Please me on this…

    I need to distribute our 5 Public IP to handle even loads to each IP, can PFsense able to handle this?

    Here the setup as of now :

    Modem with 5 Public IP------>8ports Switch/Hub-------> router 1 -------->Switch/Hub------>PC station
                                                                  -------> Router 2 ---------->              ------>PC Station
                                                                  -------> Router 3 --------->                ----->PC Station
    The problem is:

    1. I wanted to integrate the 3 router to PFSense.
    2. Implement it as Proxy server and Content Filtering.

    Is this Possible configuration?

    Hope could help and comment are most likely welcome.

    Thank you very much,


  • Given that you have a single link, I can't imagine you will see a performance increase by doing this.  If you can explain what your goals are in load balancing the five IPs on the same link I think it might help the group supply you with the optimal solution.  Also, do all of your five IP addresses use the same gateway?  If so you will have trouble with pfSense 1.2.x and will need to install intermediate NAT devices on each (all but one actually) of the interfaces.