Firewall installation

  • Hi,
    I am using adsl2+ netgear DG834G medem/router. It has some firewall features.

    I am setting up a web server using Mac OSX, and want to add a pfsense firewall to protect my local area network.
    The question is: should I connect the web server between the modem/router and the pfsense firewall; or should I put the web server behind the pfsense firewall.
    Any suggestions with reasons ?

  • Between the router and pfSense means you're putting it in a DMZ. That is traditionally where you put exposed services and never put any valuable data as the risk of it being compromised is higher than if you hadn't exposed it.

    I do, personally, recommend putting exposed services in a separate network from anything you value. Then when something goes wrong your damage is relatively limited.

  • Hi Cry Havok,

    Thank you for your comments.
    I need to connect the other computers to the same network because they need to share the internet connection.

    According to what you said, would it be better if I put the web server behind the pfsense firewall ?
    that is : modem/router –-> pfsense firewall  ----> web server
                                                                ----> local network on different subnet

    Will the web server still be able to serve webpages in this arrangement ?


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