WebConfigurator doesn't work and / required username and password

  • Hi,

    I've try to install Pfsense on a DELL R210.

    Firstly I have a cpdup error during the installation.
    Secondly after a reboot, the WebConfigurator doesn't work. The TCP port 80 listen, but when I try to connect to the interface I have this message.

    Le site demande un nom d'utilisateur et un mot de passe. Le site indique : « / »
    But I don't know the login, and when I cancel I have this message on a blank page Authorization Required

    I have try some snapshots, and I have the same error

    Could you help me to understand this problem

  • After installation a nom d'utilisateur (username) and a mot de passe (password) are required to help keep casual hackers from messing with the firewall configuration.

    Try nom d'utilisateur: admin and mot de passe: pfSense

    I expect this would be in the installation guides.

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