RRD Graphs in SPAMD not working

  • When I enable RRD Graphing in SPAMD, I get the following error overlaying the graph:
    There has been an error creating the graphs.
    Please check your systemlogs for further details.

    And the entry in the system log states:
    php: /status_rrd_graph_img.php: Failed to create graph with error code 1, the error is: ERROR: Could not make sense out of ' GPRINT:timeminadj:MIN:Min:%6.2lf\t'/usr/bin/nice -n20 /usr/local/bin/rrdtool graph /tmp/system-spamd.rrd-custom-system-spamd.rrd.png –start 1296430120 --end 1296458920 --title "hostname - System :: Spamd - 8 hours - 1 minute average" --color SHADEA#eeeeee --color SHADEB#eeeeee --vertical-label="Conn / Time, sec." --height 200 --width 620 --no-gridfit --lower-limit 0 DEF:"consmin=/var/db/rrd/system-spamd.rrd:conn:MIN" DEF:"consavg=/var/db/rrd/system-spamd.rrd:conn:AVERAGE" DEF:"consmax=/var/db/rrd/system-spamd.rrd:conn:MAX" DEF:"timemin=/var/db/rrd/system-spamd.rrd:time:MIN" DEF:"timeavg=/var/db/rrd/system-spamd.rrd:time:AVERAGE" DEF:"timemax=/var/db/rrd/system-spamd.rrd:time:MAX" CDEF:"timeminadj=timemin,0,86400,LIMIT,UN,0,timemin,IF" CDEF:"timeavgadj=timeavg,0,86400,LIMIT,UN,0,timeavg,IF" CDEF:"timemaxadj=timemax,0,86400,LIMIT,UN,0,timemax,IF" CDEF:"t1=timeminad

  • I got the same under:
    RDD graphs => Traffic
    RDD graphs => Packets

    These works just fine:
    RDD graphs => System
    RDD graphs => Quality
    RDD graphs => Queues
    RDD graphs => Queuedrops