• As far as i can tell the captive portal only works in the Vlan and subnet of the login.

    That is to say we have a test machine which is accessible via we can get captive portal to work on any machine in the same subnet as this.  When logging in you get pushed to a captive portal page at  however if we use different Vlans it seems to try to push you to the same page, which you obviously can't see so never get a chance to try and login.

    Test was run for 250 users and it worked well with no issues other than this one.

    Would also be nice if each vlan / network card could have its own different captive portal (or at least a radius server / way of identfing to radius server).

  • You may need to tweak the rules on the interface of that vlan where CP is lying under firewall->Rules->$CPIF otherwise nothing should prevent it from working.

  • thats great news…

    Not the place to ask i suppose but can you elaborate please.  I'm in a bit of a vLan mess here at the moment!

    Also do you plan to support multiple captive portals?  Or can you send the vlan info to the radius server as part of the authentication process?