Pfsense and verlihub

  • Ive instaled pfsense, and then verlihub ( Id like to have a DC++ server on my router ). Verlihub requires mysql server instaled. Ive recived an error when I tryed to run mysql: ERROR 2002 (HY000): Can't connect to local MySQL server through socket '/tmp/mysql.sock' (2) Ive tryed to install another version, in fact Ive tryed all the versions of mysql server from freebsd ports… I looked around to internet for an answer, but nothing seems to work. And theres more.... mysql.sock does not exist in /etc, or anywhere in the system. Maybe there`s something about pfsense and mysql?
    Please help ... Tnx

    • I would say the MySQL server is simply not running or refuses to accept connections, hence the error message

    • I did successfully run MySQL on FreeBSD so, no there's nothing special about MySQL+pfSense

    • And finaly I would say even if this is a catch all forum channel, it's not meant to be a MySQL support channel

    Searching Google tells me that there are plenty of people which already have had the same issue.

    BTW, doesn't look like it requires MySQL to be installed as a dependency…

    Daniel S. Haischt

  • Tnx ,DanielSHaischt … dcd works fine,tnx again  ;)

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