[PfSense 2.0b5] [DHCP] "Vendor Specific" options in pfSense?!

  • Hello,

    As part of the establishment of a VoIP solution to my job, I must change my DHCP options managed by pfSense.

    With version 1.2.3 of pfSense, I already know that this is not possible. So I turn to pfSense 2.0 b5

    And in this version, the options are present but do not seem to match what I want to do.

    In a "classic" Linux DHCP Config file, I should have something in like that:

    class "Alcatel-Lucent_IPTouch" { 
    match if option vendor-class-identifier = "alcatel.tsc-ip.0" 
    or option vendor-class-identifier = "alcatel.noe.0"; 

    then in my "pool":

    allow members of "Alcatel-Lucent_IPTouch"; 
    if exists vendor-encapsulated-options { 
    ddns-updates off; 
    option vendor-encapsulated-options 3a:02:00:14:ff; 

    Is it possible to do this stuff with pfSense? or should try another product to manage my DHCP :'( ?