• Hi there.

    I configured the TrafficShaper using the wizzard for multi wan to lan. I have a multiwan setup.

    It seems to wotk fine for the outgoing traffic, but it seems not to work for incoming traffic.

    I think i need the shaper to limit the incoming traffic a bit below the capacity of the WAN connection to allow ack packages to come in quickly. Now doing a download at full speed the RTT rise to over 500ms :-/

    How to do it?

    Using BETA5.

  • See http://forum.pfsense.org/index.php/topic,32148.0.html.  That thread explains that downlink is no longer shaped when using the wizard, but supposedly you can add the queue back and then it will work.  Download shaping worked perfectly for me, forcing my low priority downloads to go slow when needed, and go full speed when possible.

    I haven't tried to re-create the queues, because frankly for almost RC1 pfSense is getting to be more than I want to manage.  With my must used feature removed/changed, I've just moved over to untangle for now, and while it works for shaping downloads, it doesn't seem to work as nicely.