• Hi there,

    I recently replaced my pfsense machine by a new machine with a 2.5" HDD 160GB.  Best price/capacity I could find…. ANyways, as you probably know pfsense even with tons of packages installed uses less than 3GB of space.

    I'd like to use the remainder of the disk (roughly 130GB) to store misc applications that I would use within a PXE netboot environment.  Right now, I have a copy of slackeware, Clonezilla, memtest86+, partedmagic, etc stored on my local linux server.  pfsense is configured to redirect the clients to the server when they request PXE boot.  I would like to move these applications to the pfsense machine so I can rescue the server itself if need be...

    anybody know how to do this?  I am asking because I am extremely uncomfortable with freeebsd and dont know hot to do that.


  • Bump!!  Nobody?

    Pretty sure its not that complicated but I am not even at the noob stage in freebsd….  Cant even list partitions yet...

  • You could start by reading the FreeBSD documentation on setting up a PXE boot server. You'll probably have to follow those instructions since pfSense is intended to be a firewall, not a general purpose server ;)

  • Thanks for your reply!
    pfsense is right now working perfectly and I dont want to mess around with it, its such a good product.

    Yeah I figured the benefits from doing this dont quite match the hassle required to learn a new OS like freebsd… I have more than enough with getting linux to do more than bash scripting ...

    I will look at the application later on, in the meantime, if anybody know without doing much work, how to do this, please share with us!