• Due to a harddisk-error i had to install pfSense newly.

    But what happened with the installer was a great nightmare:

    HD was not able to boot, but could be mounted. So i wanted to try out the "Move config.xml to removable device". Ok, that is a real fail. First thing is that no further explanation is given with the following thing! I got my usb-stick (which had a copy of my config.xml, copied over before via shell.) as source or destination? Don't know. No explanation here.
    So i wanted to copy from the old disk (new disk was not installed!) to the usb-stick and i entered at that page the drive, thinking in "I will put in the source, then destination". False! the cd-config was copied over to the harddisk. Wtf???? Thats a big show-stopper for anyone who has not made this before. So i ended up with no config.xml. Second bug here was that the whole config.backup folder at the harddisk was deleted too! Why????
    I think this has to be reviewed and please give the option "source" and "destination", because nobody wants a cd-config.xml at his harddrive! With my experience lots of disk-failures end up with no more booting possible, but mounting works, so a backup can be made easily.

    Then i wanted to do a install "rescue broken system". Does not work at all. First thing is, if selected at the first occurence after booting, i can rescue the config-file, but then only have "easy install" at the menus. The mentioned option "Custom install" is not present. That causes confusion.

    After all i decided to boot the cd completely to have the option "custom install". There is another big bug, which is a great show-stopper too: I can skip all disk-partitioning and formatting, but then at least the disk was formatted without any further information! So what is the "rescue broken install" for?
    When i don't have the possibility to install over the existing slice without formatting, i'm lost. Thats a bug i think.

    Maybe its better to boot the whole pfSense as normal and then get all options here: Rescue, config-backup, installation (custom and easy)?

    At last after installation: cd booted up with the config from usb-stick (my config, not the before copied cd-config), was installed at all, but after reboot no config was there!
    looking at the console i saw that the config.xml was copied, but as CONFIG.XML. So pfSense claimed "no config.xml nor working backup available". Ok, thats a bug too, i think. Maybe the installer should copy that file as it was found at the usb-stick (config.xml) or the control should accept CONFIG.XML too.

    At last all worked more or less, installation of packages occurred, even not completely. Some packages were installed, others not. Ok, shouldn't be a problem, install them via web-interface. But no, no go. Even after the message "all packages reinstalled" and login present at the shell, the webinterface still says "Firmware update in progress". And when i enter the packages-page, i get the same info and cannot reinstall any package manually. What do i have to do, to get rid of that message which doesn't disappear? I think its due of the not reinstalled packages.