Meaning of "received broken Microsoft ID: FRAGMENTATION"

  • I successful installed ipsec-tunnels between three pfSense-boxes (1.2.3-RELEASE).

    In IPSec VPN log I see repeating these messages :

    Feb 2 19:25:14 racoon: [Site-A]: INFO: ISAKMP-SA established[500][500] spi:2a5ef60dc6fxxxxx:c2216c2942xxxxxx
    Feb 2 19:25:14 racoon: NOTIFY: couldn't find the proper pskey, try to get one by the peer's address.
    Feb 2 19:25:14 racoon: WARNING: No ID match.
    Feb 2 19:25:14 racoon: INFO: received Vendor ID: DPD
    Feb 2 19:25:14 racoon: INFO: received broken Microsoft ID: FRAGMENTATION

    Is there something I have to worry ?

    What is "received broken Microsoft ID: FRAGMENTATION" telling me ?
    Should I change the WAN MTU settings ?

    To which ID is "WARNING: No ID match." referring ?

    Thanks for your advice.

  • Same here. Would love to know what it means, even if it is benign.

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