Why can't i get access outside of my LAN Network !!!! ?????

  • OMG… Im bangin my head right about now trying to figure out what's wrong. i can.t get pass the lan network. I created a rule just for the sake of testing purposes to allow all from any to any on the WAN and to get an actual web page showing on my browser. All i can get is the pfsensor gui, and that it's. Im i missing anything ? why can't i get access outside my network with a rule allowing all created ?? Please help i really wanna get this working. Here is my network currently :

    Cable Modem with Static IP
                      | dc1 <- 67.78.166.***  WAN
                PFSensor 1.0.1
                        | dc0  <-  LAN
              |          |          |
      ______    _____    ______
    Server1    Server2  Desktop  <- All servers are running FreeBSD 6.1 and Desktop is running FreeBSD 6.2

  • What does status>interfaces report? Can you ping your WAN gateway from diagnostics>ping? Do your Clients at LAN have the correct gatewaysetting? If you traceroute from a Client to an adress at WAN where does it stop? Is DNS working properly? Maybe you have just Nameresolution issues?

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