• Hi All  :)

    I'm looking to splash out on an Atom board to replace my aging PIII system for my PFSense install and like the look of this board http://linitx.com/viewproduct.php?prodid=12874

    I'm looking at this due to my wish to keep Intel NICs on my install (read a lot about the problems with Realteks)

    However, this board has this 82552V NIC which doesn't show up in the HCL. Is it hard to add a driver to this, or is it even planned? I've an Intel Pro 1000 for the extra NIC, and I know that's not an issue. I don't want to have to add the cost of a dual port NIC if I can avoid it because this onboard won't work.

    Does anyone have any ideas about this please? :)



  • Check the HCL for FreeBSD 8.1, which pfSense 2.0 is based upon. If it's supported in FreeBSD 8.1 then it'll be available with pfSense 2.0 when it's released.

    As to whether or not anybody is working on it, you'd have to check to see if anybody is working on it for FreeBSD, but even then if it isn't in FreeBSD 8.1 it won't become available for pfSense 2.0.

  • Hi,

    Thanks for the answer. It's not on the 8.1 list :( I guess that means it won't be even in 2.0 then.

    Guess I'd better look for other boards!

    Thanks again