Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background - 2.0-Beta5 feb 3

  • Greetings… upgraded to the following update today...

    2.0-BETA5 (i386)
    built on Thu Feb 3 00:55:19 EST 2011

    Firewall is up however every screen has a status indicating "Packages are currently being reinstalled in the background.  Do not make changes in the GUI until this is complete."

    Any idea how long this should take... everything suggests the upgrade is actually complete however the graphic with the drive and statement continue on.  It has been over an hour since the upgrade was started.  This is occurring on two pfsense installs.

    Both are functional and working but I am looking to set up netflow functionality and need to install the software but don't want to do it if the upgrade is actually still 'installing' files.

  • Has now been 3 hours…. both machines still exhibiting the same.... Packages are currently being reinstalled.... yada yada yada....

    Any thoughts from the developers?

  • you might have better luck if you post this here:

    2.0-BETA Snapshot Feedback and Problems


  • Well… after waiting hours with no response from the developers here... I went ahead and bit the bullet and restarted both firewalls.... they came back up without the notification.... Would like to think that the developers would address this so no one else has to waste hours waiting on something that isn't happening.

  • Should be fixed on latest code.

  • I've upgraded to 2.0-BETA5 (i386) built on Thu Feb 3 18:55:08 EST 2011 and didn't encounter this problem…

    ...and I'll bet you get a quicker response from the developers with one of these:


  • You didn't have any problem because they fixed it by the time you downloaded.  Compare time stamps between your download and mine.  Again… would have been nice that they let me know instead of my waiting and waiting.

  • well at some point (way short of 3 hours) common sense tells you  it's time to pull the plug and reboot.  if it doesn't come back up, you reload and restore the backup you made before upgrading.  also, there is often pain when living on the cutting edge.  man up or used the released version.


  • Christ…. I was simply pointing out that someone obviously either knew there was an issue here or at least was made aware of it when I posted my finding... they could have had the courtesy at that time to simply say... it shouldn't take that long, we are looking at it.  It always amazes me how short the fuse is on some of the participants in these forums.

  • Devil's advocate here - they may have been aware of and fixed the issue independently, and had no idea about your post because you didn't initially post to the correct forum for 2.0 issues.

    The developers here are a great bunch of folks, I'd tend to give them the benefit of the doubt.  That isn't to say that in your situation I wouldn't be chomping at the bit for an answer myself, but if you rely on free support, you've got to be prepared to wait sometimes.

    – Phob

  • Agreed Phobia.  I too am a developer of more years than I care to mention so I can sympathize.  Patients was the reason I let the system go for so many hours before finally taking a chance and rebooting both units.

    Happy to see they got it taken care of and hope it was my post that brought it to their initial attention.