Manually configure traffic shaper

  • Hello,

    I am trying to configure the traffic shaper manually, since i can't achieve what i want with the wizard. As recommended in this forum, i used the wizard configuration as a base and then tried to adapt it to what i would like to achieve.
    But im stuck right at the beginning… even if i only try to change the bandwidth on the qlanroot or qwanroot i get the error "q***root has no parent queue". And so on for every change i've tried. This also happens when i try to make a new queue, identical to qwanroot

    now i don't have any expirience with the traffic shaper of pfsense, but this error messages make no sens imho. i've been searching the forums, but found nothing similiar...
    so i hope someone can help me


  • I have got the same message on the older version. If you used the Trafic Shaper wizard then change the bandwidth on the qlanroot it should work.

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