HAVP install brings Youtube to a crawl

  • I just installed HAVP on my pfSense 2.0 box.  It's a 3GHz Pentium D with 3GB of ram.  It's running squid and squidguard in transparent mode.

    Now that I've installed HAVP, Youtube has slowed to a crawl.  It takes forever to load the videos.  Web pages seem unaffected.  I looked at the System Activity and RRD graphs and can't seem to find anything that would be causing a bottleneck.  I even enabled the ramdisk, but that doesn't see to have helped.

    Anybody have any ideas?

  • You can reduce the scanning file size down to 500K and youtube loads in a few seconds. As you set it higher, the slower it will become. Mine was set to 1000K and it's bearable.

  • But what's causing it to be so slow?  I'm not seeing any cpu spikes.  And there's plenty of memory, plus I'm using the ramdisk.