Stuck at "Starting Device Manager (devd)…" on ALIX 1D

  • I've been running pfsense (I think a 2.x beta) on an ALIX 1D for many months. This box has an ADSL2+ card and WIFI card - and its been running well.

    I decided to refresh it to the lastest 2.x beta, no luck. During the boot process it stops at "Starting Device Manager (devd)" and sits there for hours.

    So I thought I'd try pfsense 1.2.3 (thinking maybe that is what I had running on it), and the same problem.

    I cannot get it running anymore.

    I've tried commenting out start_devd() in rc.bootup. (I booted up on another ALIX board (ALIX 2), made the change, then put the CF back in the ALIX 1D). I am now asked for Network details (since it configured the network details when it was in the ALIX 2), but when it goes to write the new configuration, it just sits there with the message "Writing configuration…" (or something like that).

    How can I get pfsense on an ALIX 1D (I've no idea now how I got it running on their in the first place.)..?


  • I had the same issue on an Alix 1C. Managed to solve it just now.,20405.15.html gave the answer. Set the power management from ACPI to APM and it should boot up normaly now.

    Update 1:

    – Nephi

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