Newbie - Packages and Multiple Sites Question

  • Hi All, I've never worked with CARP before so excuse me if my questions are silly:

    Question 1: I was going to set up a 2nd pfsense at our head office but my thought is that installing extra packages increased the chance of a problem, and packages don't sync via carp anyway. Therefore I thought the 2nd box should have no packages except nut to minimise risk of both boxes simultaneously going down. (We can happily live for a while without squid/ntop in the event of primary router failure while I get the primary back online)

    Question 2: To utilise CARP, do the addresses have to be in the same address space? I can't see how they wouldn't be but I thought I would see if any gurus on here know of a technique - if this is possible, would it be possible to have both routers having diverse wan links so we would have 4 x wan and 1 x wan vip?

    Following on from this, we are building an off site disaster recovery facility. We are in the process of getting our servers backed up so in the event of a total catastrophe we could basically relocate our server room. Would there be any way we could have 3rd pfsense box there ready to failover to, so in the event of total loss at head office vpn's could failover to there?