Packet filter on IPSEC Tunnel

  • Hey Guys,

    i am using PFsense 1.2.3 with various IPSEC Tunnel (Site-to Site VPN) and Works.
    i read this
    but when i turn off this FLAG "Disable all packet filtering", my tunnel goes down!
    I want using packet filter but all tunnels goes down!

    I have inserted my Firewall rules on IPSEC TAB (IPSEC allow all traffic)

    have you any ideas why ?


  • If you disable all packet filtering, you're turning pfSense into a straight router and it'll kill all your firewall rules.  Don't do this.

    If you want to filter inside your IPSEC tunnel, create firewall rules on the ipsec tab at each end of the tunnel and filter what you want.  Remember that rules are evaluated by the interface which sees the traffic, meaning you're filtering on the receiving end of the tunnel.  If you want to stop traffic from ever making it to the tunnel, create the rules on the LAN interface with the destination network being your remote subnet.

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